BWe do bookkeeping for Companies, Close Co-operations, Sole Traders, Partnerships and more.

Bookkeeping include the following

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance (Making sure your finance control systems are into place, educating on finance filing and file preparations for capturing, capturing on books of prime entry to produce the trial balance)

Payroll and Monthly SARS Returns (Employees's salaries calculations, and submission of PAYE (Pay as you earn tax) and UIF returns, capturing and filing as well as all related controls that needs to be in place e.g. employees register)

Computerized Bookkeeping
Financial Statements (Preparation of financial statements as per IFRS (International Framework Reporting Standards) and ready for audit)

  • Business Planning

    We try our best level to work out the best solution and guidelines on how best to run your business and how to put together those fresh business ideas, and vision. CIP will put it on paper and do all the planning for you to make it easy to implement.We also compile the business profiles of your new businesses, and edit the existing one to bring in new changes that you may need to include in your business profile, and the business structure.

    Product Survey

    CIP is doing product survey for businesses that provide services and manufacturing of products to help satisfy the client's needs thereby increasing the sales of the business. We come with fresh ideas to your product or services.

    We bring in new ideas to improve product and services quality:

    We work with your target market (consumers) and find out what they would love in a product manufactured or service. CIP act as a voice from the public, so your production or services will rather be based on how the client wants it than on only our opinions as manufactures or service providers.

    It is a norm for manufactures and service providers to think they know more than the consumer, and therefore will rely on their knowledge, this implies to both big and small businesses. We then believe it is because they haven't discovered the magic behind inquiry and being transparent to the consumers. This could double the sales of your product or service and result to satisfied consumers. We help manufactures and work as a link between them and consumers and bring more fresh ideas to your product. This will also help your product to stand out compared to other similar and substitutes, consumers will always prefer your product than to get a substitute, irrespective of what price, thereby increasing sales.

  • Compliance with laws and regulations.

    We make sure your business has complied with all the laws and regulations that are put in place by governing boards of the different industries and professions as well as by the state. For example: Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) registrations and returns.

    Some other compliance that we provide are:

    1. Company registration and returns (CIPC Compliance)
    2. Tax registrations and returns (Tax Clearance)
    3. CIBD registrations and returns
    4. Other compliances relating to your industry of specialization
    5. NHBC (National Home Builders Council)

    Tax Services Include

    1. Pay As You Earn (PAYE)
    2. VAT (Value Added Tax)
    3. Registrations, Return submissions, and Tax Clearance
    4. E-filing (Electronic tax services)
    5. Income Tax (Companies and Individuals)

  • Web Designing

    World Class Web-Development Solution for You.
    For web-development, Creative link builds websites from scratch for clients, registers domains and publishes the websites. In addition we revamp already existing websites and provide low prices for hosting and updating. The clients who have websites hosted under the supervision of Creative link will receive a specialist that will handle all their queries in relation to their web-development needs. These clients are legible to contacting the company at any time for updates or any other query relating to their website.

    The Advantages of Having a Website
    As a well-established organization, it is important for you to have a website. Besides the fact that the modern world is digital and everyone is constantly visiting the internet for information, there are various reasons why your organization will benefit by having a website. Some of the benefits include:

    It's a platform where you communicate information about your organization/company on what it does, where you can explain in detail how your organization/company works, why it exists and your achievements
    Gaining an Online presences
    Members and workers of the organization/company get their email address of the organization/company, which demonstrates a level of professionalism e.g.
    It makes it easier for possible people to give easy access to your issues or your organization/company.
    It makes it easier for potential sponsors/investors to find out about your organization/company

    Web Site Maintenance
    Pay as you go or monthly plans. Personal, friendly service, many satisfied customers. Services Cip group is the professional's choice for one-stop, cost-effective web site maintenance. We take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you do best-running your business!

  • Book Shop

    Books and Education

    CIP books sells is committed to providing from school books to university books and general books. We saw the demand for books was very high and students and their parents were struggling to get books for the books shops are few and even existing shops tend to run out of stock in which that makes it difficult for students. We then decided to supply books to all our community and businesses owners so they educate themselves on business matters.

    Available books are as follows:

    1. University Books
    2. High School Books
    3. Primary School Books
    4. Other general books

    We have also committed ourselves to supplying the schools. You make an order on time, we deliver on time before the school opens.

    1. Education and career guidance
    2. Tutoring
    3. Motivational speaking
    4. Tutoring

    Due to the increase on high school drop outs and failures, we decided to help high schools and students by providing tutorial lessons. We intend to cover all subjects that seem to be the most challenging ones, e.g. mathematics, science, economics and etc. As our contribution to the community this is one of the free services to those who are disadvantaged. Our goal is to reach out to the whole nation and encourage those who have given up on their studies because of certain challenging subjects. Provide the best guidance on how to study, and tutor lessons.

    Other stationary:

    1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act ( Poster and Pocket Statute)
    2. Skills development Act (Poster & Pocket Statutes)
    3. Occupational Health and Safety Act (Poster & Pocket Statute)
    4. Bill of Rights (Poster)
    5. Employment Equity Act ( Poster & Pocket Statute)
    6. Labour Relations Act (Pocket Statute)
    7. All school, university and general books.
    8. Computer sales
    9. All computer parts
    10. Business cards
    11. Invoice Books
    12. Name Tags
    13. Stamps
    14. Posters and Flyers
    15. All printing related needs

  • Computer Maintanance

    Computer Technical Support Process

    We can help with any computer problem from viruses, spyware, incorrect system settings, faulty hardware, and out of date drivers. We will provide an easy and quick resolution at a low, competitive price. All technical support work starts with a phone call. We will listen to you and diagnose the problem. After establishing the potential cause, we will guide you through easy-to-follow instructions to solve the problem and prevent it from happening again.

    To provide you with the best value for your money, we give you three easy and cost-effective ways to utilize our on-site services:


We have experienced employees as well as our partners have years of experience in the projects that we run. We are also keeping an ongoing education and update to changes.

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